Subglottic and tracheal stenosis are 2 different terms used to describe a narrowing in the upper airway (windpipe), or in the area just below the vocal cords.

There are many causes of subglottic stenosis and tracheal stenosis, but they all have their origins in an injury to the windpipe that results in a round scar, which ultimately narrows the breathing space.

If the injury is just below the vocal cords, it may interfere with the way they work and cause voice difficulty. An injury that is slightly lower down the windpipe may cause difficulty breathing as the scar (stenosis) narrows the airway.

Subglottic and Tracheal Stenosis Treatment

Many patients with this condition are treated with intermittent dilations that are performed in the operating room.

As with many conditions that affect the larynx and trachea, accurate diagnosis and effective control of acid reflux are imperative for the long-term effective management of this condition.