Semen Analysis

The semen analysis is one of the most important tests in the infertility evaluation. It should be performed before any treatment of the female begins, as male factor infertility is present in about a third of infertile couples.

The semen analysis is a relatively inexpensive test and, given its importance, should be performed by an andrologist in a reproductive medicine laboratory. These clinicians have evaluated thousands of samples and are experts in evaluating subtle sperm abnormalities.

About Semen Analysis

During semen analysis, many sperm characteristics are evaluated. The most important include the sperm concentration (number of live sperm in the specimen), motility of the sperm (ability to move in a straight line), and the morphology of the sperm (shape and size of the sperm).

Abnormalities of the semen analysis may prompt your physician to consult a urologist for further evaluation.

Many treatment options now exist for couples with male factor infertility.