The Mobile Health Clinic is a program to help meet the medical needs of people in the community. The program partnership between Wake Forest Baptist Community Health Alliance (CHA), a service of BestHealth and the School Health Alliance of Forsyth County. The CHA provides medical, nursing, nutrition, mental health, and health education services to both uninsured adults and children in underserved communities. 

Uninsured adults and children can receive a wide range of services, including preventative care, care for minor illnesses, behavioral health, and management of chronic health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and asthma. COVID-19 testing for uninsured people who have symptoms of COVID-19 is also provided at no cost. Health education, nutrition coaching, no-cost lab services, and referrals to specialists will be provided, if needed.

To improve the health of the medically underserved children and adults in our region by providing premier, community-informed health care, and by providing appropriate access to health care services. 

Partnering with communities to achieve healthy populations, one individual at a time.

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