Daisy Award Winners

Daisy winner Jessica Absher and other nurses. Wilkes Medical Center proudly announced its first Daisy Award Winner, Jessica Absher on October 16, 2019. 

The Daisy Award is a nationwide program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day.

Wake Forest Baptist Health Wilkes Medical Center plans to recognize one of its nurses with this special honor every quarter. Each honoree receives a banner, certificate, DAISY Award pin and a hand carved “A Healer’s Touch” stone sculpture.

Jessica Absher has spent her entire five year nursing career at Wilkes Medical Center. 

One of Jessica’s coworkers nominated her for the DAISY Award. In the nomination letter, one event stood out as an example of her work ethic. Jessica was moments away from clocking out at the end of a long 12 hour shift when she heard a code being called which meant that a patient needed help. She pulled her badge back and ran down the hall to help.

When asked what she enjoys most about being a nurse, Jessica had this to say:

“More than anything, I love knowing that I may play a small part in the healing process for patients and families. Many times that may be through nursing care to help them achieve the level of health and independence that they had prior to hospitalization and other times that means holding the hand of a sweet soul and their family as their loved one passes into eternity with peace and dignity. Not just the patients, but I enjoy the facility that I work at and my amazing co-workers, who have become family. Wilkes Medical Center has the small-town hospital charm that so many large facilities lack. I consider myself fortunate to work with these wonderful individuals at Wilkes Medical Center."

“From the time I was a child, family and friends jokingly called me ‘Mama Jessi’ because of my overwhelming need to coddle and cure everyone around me. As I grew and began to contemplate a career, I was drawn to the nursing field because of my desire to care, serve, and help others. Fast forward five years and I now have the career I always dreamed of, along with a wonderful and supportive husband and two precious children."

“There have been many experiences that have made me realize how mentally and physically exhausting you can become trying to balance home life and this incredible profession, but never for a minute have I regretted my career decision or desired anything different in life. For all the bad that comes with the job, the good has always outweighed it. God didn’t place us on this earth to be idle, he gave us all a purpose and mine is to care for others until he decides my time is done.”

Jessica’s coworkers enjoy working with her and said she treats every patient as a beloved family member and is a strong advocate for her patients.

Heather Gibb, nurse manager of the intermediate care unit (IMCU) and the intensive care unit (ICU) commented, "often times it is the power of a touch, smile, kind word, or listening ear that has the potential to turn life around and bring comfort to those in their most dire moments. Jessica exemplifies this caring and compassionate persona. I have had the privilege to be able to work beside Jessica and watch her grow from a new nurse, eager to learn, on our intermediate care unit; to a confident nurse in our intensive care unit. I am proud of Jessica and all that she has accomplished in her service to others and her commitment to the health and wellness of our community."

“Not only did we have an outstanding winner in Jessica, but we had more than 20 nominations,” said Susan Bachmeier, chief nursing officer at Wilkes Medical Center. “We are so proud of our nurses and are grateful for all they do for our patients and our community every day.”

The next winner will be announced in January.