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Chiquita McAllister - Breast Cancer Survivor


Chiquita McAllister's mission in life is to empower women to explore their options when they are facing cancer.

Kelly Cason - Cancer Survivor


Kelly Cason is as full of life as ever, after beating breast cancer – twice – and brain surgery to remove a tumor from the back of her head.

Heather and Janine – Breast Cancer Survivors


Heather Port of Asheville and her mother, Janine Knight of Kernersville, share a very special bond.

Beth Henderson - Cancer Survivor

King resident credits surgery and Dr. Edward Levine for two life-saving moments.

Kelly Ambrose – Breast Cancer Survivor


Diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, Kelly Ambrose sought advice from a colleague on where to be treated. That advice led her to Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Mia Blochaviak - Thyroid Cancer Survivor


Mia Blochaviak has the enthusiasm of a practiced athlete and the fortitude of a serious competitor - traits that carried her through a cancer diagnosis.

Targeted Radiation Treatment Helps Patients with Cancer


Michael Chan, MD, explains why it’s important for patients with cancer to set goals and how targeted radiation treatments can help them meet those goals.

Sherry Eckard Cotney – Thyroid Cancer Patient


Sherry Eckard Cotney overcame fear and defeated thyroid cancer. Now, she is on a mission to help others with this life-changing diagnosis.

Kathryn Martinat and Lynn Campbell

Mother and daughter navigate cancer survivorship together.

Immunology Treatments Providing Hope for Late-Stage Melanoma Patients


Through clinical trials, immunotherapy has proven effective against certain types of cancer, especially melanoma.