Pharmacy Internship Program

The Department of Pharmacy at Wake Forest Baptist Health is committed to providing the highest quality of training to prepare pharmacists to be excellent, patient-centered practitioners.

  • Vision: The vision of the Wake Forest Baptist Pharmacy Enterprise is to provide lifecycle medication management to our patients

  • Mission: To improve health through the application of medication management expertise

The internship program at Wake Forest Baptist is progressive longitudinal program encompassing an 8-week summer curriculum and every 3rd weekend component during the academic year. Each year encompasses new challenges that build on prior activities and give the intern a comprehensive understanding of pharmacy services throughout our enterprise. Uniquely, participants will have the opportunity to identify and specialize in specific acute or ambulatory care services (e.g. pediatrics). Our graduates will be prepared to serve as leaders in the profession and deliver patient centered care across the spectrum of pharmacy services.

Internship Program Activities by Year

Year 1
(starts summer prior to pharmacy year 1)

Intern year 1 develops the student’s knowledge and skills through experiences in acute care pharmacy operations during the summer curriculum. Interns will be an active member of the distributive service line. First year interns are expected to complete a longitudinal project over the course of the year along with the opportunity to refine medical writing through submission of the project for publication. Leadership development is also a focus and longitudinal participation in the seminars is expected. 
Year 2
(starts summer prior to pharmacy year 2)
Intern year 2 builds on the previous activities through enhanced experiences and alignment with a specific clinical service line. Second year interns will transition to the transitions in care team, obtaining home medication lists, performing medication reconciliations and patient educations. Second year interns are expected to complete and publish a longitudinal project, alongside participation in leadership opportunities.
Year 3
(starts summer prior to pharmacy year 3)
Intern year 3 develops the student’s leadership, knowledge, and skills through experiences with enhanced clinical responsibilities. Clinical service line support will be provided through third year interns. Additionally, third year interns will serve as mentors for 1st and 2nd year interns, cultivating leadership and project management skills. Third year interns are expected to lead a longitudinal project over the course of the year along with small scale projects.

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