Brenner Children's Volunteer Programs

Currently, all Brenner volunteer opportunities are full. Continue to check this web site for further updates.


Brenner Children's Hospital has two unique programs for volunteers looking to help our patients and families. They are Brenner's Crafty Kids and Books for Babies. Below are the details on how to get started volunteering with these programs.  

Brenner Children's Crafty Kids

Brenner Children's Crafty Kids is an entirely volunteer-based group who provide bedside arts and crafts activities for inpatient children at Brenner Children’s. Our goal is to reduce the stress and anxiety levels of our patients and their families. This also leads to less boredom and allows patients (and volunteers) to have fun in the process! 

Brenner Children's Books for Babies

Brenner Children's Books for Babies is an entirely volunteer-based group who interact with babies in the Brenner NICU and intermediate nursery. This program is important to provide positive interactions including holding, rocking, reading, and playing with babies.