An esophagram is a video x-ray of the swallowing function in your esophagus, which is the tube that squeezes food and liquid from your throat to your stomach. If you have a problem in the function of your esophagus, you may have a variety of swallowing symptoms including feeling like food or pills stick in your chest and throat, chest pain during meals, regurgitation, and reflux.  

If your doctor orders an esophagram, this will be done by a radiologist in the radiology department. You will drink a chalky contrast material called barium which lights up on x-ray. The doctor will film the barium traveling down your esophagus. The whole test is painless and noninvasive, and may last for 5-10 minutes. After the evaluation you will have a return appointment with your ENT doctor to discuss your test results.  

Example Esophagram X-rays
Esophagram example x-ray. Esophagram example x-ray.