Preparing for Labor and Delivery

You can choose to take this class in-person or virtually with a live instructor as well as a 3-week series or as an all day Saturday class.

Each of our Preparing for Labor & Delivery classes focus on:

  • Labor and delivery of the baby
  • Providing an overview with emphasis on the many variations of normal birth
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques for use during labor 
  • Postpartum information

Taught by experienced nurses, this will cover labor, birth, pain control options, and what to expect in the postpartum period.

Please plan to take the class in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy. It is generally recommended that you choose a class that finishes approximately 3 weeks before your due date, unless you are expecting twins or unless your healthcare provider has advised you otherwise.

This class is offered in a variety of formats to best serve the diverse needs of our families. You may choose to attend virtually with a live instructor or face-to-face. The class is offered as a 3 week series or an all-day Saturday course.

Check out our class schedules below for all locations and for any questions please contact 336-713-MOMS (6667) or email

Parking and Directions

  1. We recommend entering Deck C from Cloverdale Avenue, next to the emergency room.

  2. Drive to purple level M to the reserved parking spaces for the mammography clinic, these are reserved in the evening for The Birth Center class participants.

  3. Walk through breezeway, check-in at kiosk, and complete Covid-19 screening. When you are asked reason for arrival choose “other.” Make a right at the information desk and immediate left toward “Main Hospital.”

  4. Follow the signs to “The Birth Center”
    Birth Center Parking Directions
  5. Once you enter the main hospital, make a right at “Fresh Inspirations Café.” The Birth Center classroom in on the right beside “The Mother’s Nursing Nook.”