The American College of Physicians says a transition occurs when a patient moves from hospital setting to an outpatient setting. Often the transition is from hospital to home. At the Healthy Transitions Clinic Complex Care, we want to make sure that once you are released from the hospital, your health continues to improve. Our care provider team is specially trained to care for patients with complex health concerns, while partnering with your primary care provider.

The benefits of receiving post-hospital care at Healthy Transitions at Complex Care:

  • Initial 60-minute appointment with our providers and team who will help you understand your health condition
  • Pharmacists that work to reduce medication costs and help you apply for medication assistance if needed
  • Case managers that help track and coordinate the care of your medical concerns
  • Licensed clinical social workers that provider counseling and navigation of social problems
  • Disease education including diabetes, heart failure, asthma, COPD and more
  • Coordination with your primary care doctor, specialists, and home health agencies to ensure high quality care
  • Easy access to communicate with your care team
  • Same day access time for urgent needs