Premier Surgery Center, part of High Point Medical Center, is a multispecialty ambulatory surgery center where a wide range of outpatient procedures are performed. Our staff has many years of experience, particularly in the care of outpatient surgical patients, and will provide discharge education to you and your family to facilitate your recovery at home. 

Our surgery center has been designed with your convenience, comfort and well-being in mind.  

Premier Surgery Center is licensed by North Carolina as an Ambulatory Surgery Center

Your Procedure

Financial Arrangements

Our business office staff will give you an estimate of your charges based on information from your physician’s office. For your convenience, our business office staff will obtain insurance information that will enable us to estimate the percentage of your bill not covered by insurance.

If you do not have medical insurance, or if all or part of the estimated cost of your procedure is not covered by your insurance policy, you will be expected to pay the non-covered portion on or before the day of your procedure. Please call 336-878-6068 to speak with one of our billing representatives and advise her if you have concerns or want to discuss payment options.

Final charges are based on procedure(s) actually performed, which may result in a different charge than the estimate given. Payment arrangements must be made before you arrive for your procedure. Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or debit card.

Premier Surgery Center charges a standard fee, determined by the actual procedure(s) performed by your physician. The fee includes medications, supplies, preoperative and postoperative nursing care and use of the operating and recovery rooms. There may be an additional charge for some implants.

The fee does not include any physician fees (e.g., anesthesiologist, surgeon, radiologist or pathologist). You will be billed separately by the physicians who are involved in your procedure. For some insurance companies, implants and certain supplies will be billed by a third party provider for implants/supplies provided to the patient at Premier Surgery Center.

Cancelled Procedure

Your procedure may be cancelled if:

  • You do not follow instructions about NOT eating and drinking prior to your procedure.
  • You are late for your procedure.
  • You have not made arrangements for a ride home with a responsible adult (age 18 and older).
  • You have not made arrangements for a responsible adult to stay with you, overnight or longer, depending on your type of procedure and anesthesia.
  • You have not stopped a medication if instructed to do so.
  • You are sick on the day of your procedure. Notify your physician’s office if you have had any changes in your health such as a high fever, cold, flu or signs of infection.
  • You may be pregnant. 
  • You do not bring legal papers if instructed to do so (e.g., Power of Attorney, Court Appointed Guardianship).