Rehabilitation services are offered in a modern, well equipped and spacious office. What distinguishes us most are trained therapists with exceptional credentials. They design custom programs to meet your individual needs. They encourage you to make the rehab experience fun. They teach you self-treatment techniques to carry with you to prevent recurring problems. 

Our Services

Physical Therapy

We offer a wide variety of physical therapy, from orthopedic and sports rehabilitation to neuro rehab and pediatric therapy. We have the facilities, staff and expertise to help patients address the challenges associated with musculoskeletal and neurological impairments.

We also offer specialty programs such as:

  • Sports Injury Treatment - Treatment for sports-related injuries in any level of athlete
  • A Spine Center - Credentialed therapists specialize in treating all spinal dysfunctions
  • Neuro Clinic - Collaborative treatment program for patients with neurological impairments
  • The Amputee Clinic - Amputees with prosthesis fitting and activity training
  • Manual Therapy - Special treatment techniques which concentrate on restoring joint and soft tissue movement
  • Aquatic Therapy Program - Our in-house pool allows our licensed physical therapists to design individualized aquatic therapy programs
  • Lymphedema Program - Treatment for patients with edema, due to impaired venous and lymphatic flow, often associated with surgery such as mastectomy
  • Pediatric Program - Evaluation and treatment of physical impairments in children of all ages, often in combination with occupational or speech therapy

Occupational Therapy 

Occupational Therapy enables patients to maximize their independence and activities of daily living, while recovering from hand injuries, a stroke or other conditions that impair function. These conditions can impair a person's ability to perform basic self care such as bathing and dressing, and/or returning to work or household tasks. Occupational Therapy uses adaptive techniques or adaptive equipment to return patients to functional living.

We offer programs such as:

  • Hand Therapy - Well-established protocols are used to restore maximum hand function and enable quick return to work or life activities.
  • Neuro Clinic - Focuses on life tasks and promotion of safety for patients with a variety of neuro diagnoses.
  • Pediatric Program - Enhances children's abilities to perform age appropriate tasks such as dressing, handwriting and playing.

Pediatric Rehabilitation 

Pediatric Rehab began at High Point Medical Center in 1999, when we added physical and occupational therapy to our existing pediatric speech therapy program. The need in our community caused rapid program growth, which lead to the development of our new space.

We are proud of our “kid- and family-friendly space.” We offer a dedicated pediatric waiting room and treatment areas, all within the convenience of our Rehab Center. We have a doctor-friendly referral process and on-site parking, registration and scheduling for the ease of the parents. Ours is the only comprehensive pediatric rehab treatment program in the greater High Point area.

All members of our Pediatric Rehab team have specialty training in pediatric rehabilitation. Our team can treat patients from premature babies through the teen-age years. We are capable of treating acute injuries such as fractures or long-term needs such as birth defects, autism, developmental delays and congenital illnesses. Our team also offers state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment tools and provides the physician with monthly updates. We pride ourselves on working closely with our families and physicians to set and obtain goals that are best for our children.

At High Point Medical Center, we do more than provide therapy for kids with special health care needs. We reach out to our community with several other pediatric-related programs. For instance, we serve as an Amtryke demo site and provide free evaluations of children to determine if they will benefit from a modified tricycle, called a “tryke.”

Speech Therapy

We offer comprehensive speech and language services for both children and adults.

We offer programs for the following:

  • Articulation disorders
  • Receptive and expressive language disorders
  • Central auditory processing disorder
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Communication disorders resulting from stroke and other neurological diseases
  • Evaluation and treatment for feeding and swallowing problems including Vital Stim
  • Foreign accent reduction
  • Communicative rehabilitation for laryngectomy patients
  • Training for use of the passy muir speaking valve for tracheotomy and vent-dependent patients
  • Autism
  • Pervasive developmental disorder