Living with cancer and into survivorship presents unique challenges to health and well-being. Atrium Health Levine Cancer works with our patients to navigate these challenges in many ways. One is our free health coaching program, which helps you improve overall wellness by setting and achieving individually tailored goals.

What is health coaching?

Health coaching is a collaborative partnership to help you feel and function your best. Most people focus on physical health when they think of cancer, but our program helps you find overall wellness through several steps, including: 

  • Determining what health and wellness mean to you
  • Designing goals that fit your lifestyle 
  • Using self-determined steps, tools and strategies 
  • Removing barriers and overcoming challenges

You and your health coach work one-on-one to create a program personalized to your wants and needs, and your health coach supports you and helps keep you accountable to your goals. The coaching program is intended to be a safe space where you can explore different ways to achieve and sustain wellness - whatever that looks like for you.

Program overview

Our flexible program isn't designed as “one size fits all.” At each step, it can be adapted to ensure that a patient’s needs are met. Highlights include:

  • Initial 60-minute consultation, followed by biweekly 30-minute sessions
  • Focus areas tailored to patients’ individual needs and goals - for example, nutrition, movement, sleep, social connection and more
  • In-app text messaging support if you have questions or need some extra encouragement between in-person coaching sessions
  • Virtual, phone and in-person appointments (Winston-Salem and High Point)

What makes our program different?

Nationwide, only 5% of cancer centers are NCI-designated as “Comprehensive” for meeting the highest standards. Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center, which fuels Levine Cancer, is one of them. That’s why we’re trusted to treat more people with cancer than any other program in our area.

Plus, we offer: 

  • The only free health coaching program within an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center that supports patients with cancer at all stages, from diagnosis into wellness
  • Weekday messaging support in addition to the face-to-face coaching
  • Access to a health management app for setting goals, tracking progress and accessing resources and learning

Meet the Team

Aimee De Poortere
Aimee De Poortere is a national board certified health and wellness coach, trained at Duke Integrative Medicine, and a lifestyle medicine coach trained at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Her coaching experience includes healthy weight, fitness, stress management and healthy sleep. She currently is the health coaching program manager at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center.