Cancer doesn't care if you are black, white or Hispanic. It doesn't care how much money you make, or how old you are. Cancer can affect anyone, at any time. We believe that everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, financial status or location deserves the best cancer care possible.  

Our Mission

To advance community engagement, clinical care and research focused on improving outcomes for everyone in our community. The Office of Cancer Health Equity (OCHE) is passionate about:

  • Community outreach engagement and education
  • Removing barriers to care across the cancer continuum
  • Providing cancer navigation that is appropriate to both language and culture
  • Helping diversify enrollment in clinical trials
  • Supporting research focused on eliminating disparities
  • Training staff and faculty about unconscious bias and cultural humility
  • Building community capacity to improve health and well-being

We Are Committed to Conquering Cancer

Let us know how we can partner. We offer:

  • Health fairs
  • Cancer education sessions
  • Staff/faculty training
  • Research support
  • Cancer clinical trials

To learn more about the Office of Cancer Health Equity or to schedule an education/training session, call 336-713-3665 or email

Our Programs & Initiatives

The Office of Cancer Health Equity strives to reduce the burden of cancer on the community. The programs listed here are ongoing initiatives to help address gaps in cancer awareness, knowledge and outcomes with a focus on underserved populations.