Re-Opening FAQs

1. Will I be required to wear a mask while exercising?
Yes, we ask all individuals to wear a mask while in the building.  This follows the NC mandate

2. How will you accommodate for the 30% reduction?
Each area will be at a reduced capacity.  We have utilized space throughout the facility to accommodate the physical distancing requirement in addition to the 30% occupancy rate as outlined in Executive Order 163.  We will have a max. Capacity of 20 for our cardio area, 6 for the Technogym circuit and 8 for free wt. area. There may be a moment we will ask members to wait for a short period to allow for the required capacity.  We will evaluate these measures each day and may communicate the busier times so one will make necessary arrangements.   

3. When will the draft begin for my membership dues?
We will begin to draft in October.  This gives everyone a grace period in September in part due to the closure in late March and to allow everyone time to evaluate his or her membership.  

4. Will I be screened each time I come?
Every member and guest will be screened, temperature check and questions with each visit.  

5. Will there be Group classes?
We will not have Group classes at this time.  We will evaluate the utilization and operational needs before adding Group classes back the schedule.  

6. If I have an annual membership, will there be a credit for the months of closure?
Yes, we will accommodate for the closed time.  Please speak to a member services specialist to review your account to make the adjustment.  

7. What can I do to keep myself and TFC safe? 

  • If you feel sick, have symptoms or have been exposed to Covid-19 do not come to TFC 
  • Wear your mask while in TFC
  • Clean your contact points before and after use
  • Keep proper distance from other participants and staff
  • Clean your hands frequently by washing and or using hand sanitizer

8. Can I use the locker rooms?
Yes but there will be limited capacity to 4 people at a time. So, it is suggested that you come prepared and already dressed to exercise.

9. Will I still get my heart rate and Blood Pressure checked?
The staff will only do heart rate and blood pressure checks upon request or if you feel unusual symptoms.

10. Will I have to bring a note from my doctor to come to TFC?
You will not need a note from your doctor to come back to TFC unless you have had a hospital stay since you were here last.