Re-Opening FAQs

1. Will I be required to wear a mask while exercising?
Yes, we ask all individuals to wear a mask while in the building.  This follows the NC mandate

2. Will I be screened upon arrival?
Yes, everyone will be screened, temperature check and questions with each visit. 

3. How can I help keep the facility safe?

  • If you fell sick, have symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19 do not come to TFC
  • Keep the 6ft. physical distance practice
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Clean all equipment after use 

4. How will you accommodate for the 30% reduction?
Each area will be at a reduced capacity per the Executive Order 163 and the 6ft. physical distancing requirements.  We will monitor the capacity in each area to encourage compliance with capacity limits.  

5. Will the outdoor pool be open?
The outdoor pools will not be open for recreational activities.  However, we will keep the large pool available for lap swimming only for a limited time. 

6. Will childcare still be available?
We will not have childcare at this time. 

7. Will there be any group exercise classes?
We will not conduct any group exercise classes at this time. 

8. When will the draft begin for my membership dues?
We will begin to draft in October.  This gives everyone a grace period in September in part due to the closure in late March and to allow everyone time to evaluate his or her membership. 

9. If I have an annual membership, will there be a credit for the months of closure?
Yes, we will accommodate for the closed time.  Please speak to a member services specialist to review your account to make the adjustment.