Neuroscience Center

The Neuroscience Center has many services aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease.

The Neurodiagnostic Laboratory, located on the second floor at High Point Medical Center, provides tests for patients to assure the proper diagnosis of neurological disorders. The lab tests for a variety of health complaints including headaches, seizures, memory loss, black out spells and numbness.

Patients who have severe neurological or neurosurgical illness receive around-the-clock monitoring and care by our specially trained nursing staff in the Intensive Neuroscience Care Unit. The unit is located on the fourth floor of High Point Medical Center.

On the sixth floor of High Point Medical Center, the Neuroscience Care Unit provides specialized nursing supervision for patients suffering from head and neck injuries.

To ease your stay in High Point Medical Center, neurology case managers are assigned the moment you are admitted as a neurology patient. These case managers continually review your progress and work with your family to assist with any additional needs that occur during your care.

Many professionals and programs come together under the Neuroscience Center to provide the highest quality of care for the Triad community.


Perhaps the most widely recognized neurological condition is stroke. Strokes are caused by a blockage or rupture of blood vessels to the brain. Strokes should be treated as emergency medical situations similar to heart attacks.

When patients arrive in our Emergency Center having a potential "stroke" we may give them tPA, a clot-busting agent to decrease the neurological damage that strokes may cause. Studies have shown that the quicker you receive medical attention following a stroke, the less likely you are to have a permanent paralysis or complete debilitation to your brain and nervous system. 

Seminars and Events

At the High Point Medical Center Neuroscience Center, we offer seminars and community events tailored to helping prevent strokes and enabling those on the road to recovery to have the education they need to improve their quality of life. To find out when our next community seminar on stroke will be held, check the High Point Medical Center Community Calendar.

You can get a Community Calendar by calling 336-878-6888 to get on our mailing list. The High Point Medical Center Community Calendar is printed monthly and is free.