Wilkes Medical Center Foundation

The mission of the Wilkes Medical Center Foundation is to provide financial resources to enhance the delivery of quality health care, thereby promoting improved health, individually and collectively, throughout the Foundation’s region. Grants are made annually to qualified organizations providing quality health care, health-related services and health prevention activities. The Foundation has a special interest in providing financial support for community health and wellness programs aligned with the community health assessment.


Community Health Care and Health Impact Grant Programs

Applications for the 2023 Grant Cycle are Now Closed

At Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Wilkes Medical Center, our mission is to improve health, elevate hope and advance healing – for all. As the largest provider of uncompensated care in the region, we take our responsibility seriously to care for all and we’re proud to play a significant role in contributing to the health of our community.

Community investments through the Wilkes Medical Center Foundation Grant Programs will:

  • Create mutually beneficial partnerships that extend our mission
  • Align resources with community priorities
  • Strengthen our community commitment and support the culture and diversity of those we serve
  • Impact identified community health needs and aim to reduce health disparities such as access to care and social economics
  • Provide accurate accounting and transparency for our community investments

Application Guidelines

If you meet all of the guidelines and organization requirements below, we invite you to submit your application.

We consider community investments that:

  • Enhance the delivery of quality health care and promote improved health care throughout the region
  • Align with the Wilkes County Community Health Needs Assessment* with priority given to projects that address the 2022-2025 priorities:
  1. Obesity and Chronic Disease
  2. Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  3. Access to Care
  4. Tobacco and Smoking

More information about these priorities, including health indicators, specific at-risk populations and local health resources can be found in the CHNA Priorities Summary.

* The Foundation may authorize funding to projects that don’t meet this guideline under extreme circumstances

Organization Requirements

To be eligible for funding, organizations must meet the following requirements:

  1. Organization has a valid 501(c)(3) tax status. If the program is serving the community or has a charitable purpose, we also consider investments for organizations that have a valid tax status of 501(c)4, 501c6, 501c8, 501c10, or 501c19. Eligible organizations include:
    • Local, state or federal government agencies
    • School districts/systems or universities
    • Tribal organizations
    • Religious or faith-based programs that:
    • Are open to the general public regardless of affiliations or beliefs
    • Do not advance religious doctrine or philosophy
    • Do not discriminate in employment or hiring practice
  2. Organization serves clients within Wilkes County, the geographic areas that Wilkes Medical Center serves and/or areas of anticipated growth.


The Wilkes Medical Center Foundation does not fund:

  • Organizations that discriminate or deny service on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability or source of payment.
  • Individuals or individual fundraising efforts
  • Political campaigns or parties<
  • Religious organizations (churches/synagogues). Certain community service programs supported by religious programs may be eligible (e.g., soup kitchens, homeless shelters, job banks).
  • Fundraising events such as golf events/tournaments, walks and/or runs

Application instructions and deadlines:

All applications for the 2023 Grant Cycle are now closed. Check back for dates and deadlines for the 2024 Grant Cycle.

Board of Directors

The Wilkes Foundation Board meets on a quarterly basis and more often if needed.

Lee Herring


  • Ann Absher
  • Susan Cogdill
  • Zach Luffman
  • Colleen Manolovich
  • Holly Minton
  • Martha Nichols
  • Brenda Page
  • Rev. Jim Sanders

Ex Officio and Non-Voting Officers

  • Chad Brown - President, Wilkes Medical Center
  • Marc Hauser - Mayor, North Wilkesboro
  • Lori McNeil - Secretary
  • Barry Wald - Treasurer

Please direct all questions and requests for more information to:

Michelle Caldwell
Director, Network Philanthropy
Philanthropy and Alumni Relations
PO Box 571021 Winston-Salem, NC 27157
Mobile: 336-416-4859 (preferred) \ Office: 336-713-1626