Welcome to Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Imaging Friendly Center, your destination for exceptional outpatient imaging services in Greensboro. Our top-tier imaging solutions are tailored to meet your needs, and we specialize in a wide range of services designed to provide accurate diagnoses and exceptional care for patients of all ages. 

Services Offered

  • Online mammogram scheduling: Learn about mammograms and schedule yours at WakeHealth.edu/Mammogram
  • State-of-the-art imaging: We use cutting-edge technology for our comprehensive suite of services, including:
    • 3D mammography
    • CT scans
    • Bone density (DEXA) scans
    • MRI scans
    • Ultrasound 
    • X-ray
  • Walk-ins welcome: We understand the importance of convenience, so walk-ins are always welcome for X-ray and mammogram services, allowing you to prioritize your health without delay.
  • Same-day appointments: Many of our services offer same-day appointments, providing prompt access to the care you deserve.
  • Convenient location: Our new multispecialty building at Friendly Center in Greensboro offers easy accessibility and a comfortable environment for all patients. Whether you need imaging services, family medicine or urgent care, our centralized location provides seamless access.

Affordable, Accessible Care

At Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Imaging Friendly Center, we prioritize affordability and accessibility without compromising on quality. With outpatient pricing and flexible payment options, our goal is to make high-quality imaging services accessible to all.