GetWell Loop: Stay Connected to Your Care Team

GetWell Loop™ is a free virtual monitoring system that allows our clinical team to work with patients who have been tested for COVID-19 or who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Using GetWell Loop, your Wake Forest Baptist Health care team will stay in touch, monitor your health and provide support as you quarantine safely at home.

You are important. Through this virtual connection, your care team can help ease any fears and anxiety; you are not alone during this difficult time.

How Does GetWell Loop Work?

GetWell Loop iPhonePatients who have been tested for or been diagnosed with COVID-19 will be invited to sign up for GetWell Loop by your Wake Forest Baptist care team. Look for an email or text message invitation. You will need digital access – a computer, a tablet or a smartphone – to access GetWell Loop.

Once you are signed up: 

  • You will receive a short daily survey about current symptoms. Our clinical team will review the survey results. If results show worsening symptoms, the team will contact you to talk about next steps needed for your care. 
  • You will also receive daily information from reliable medical sources about COVID-19, including steps to prevent the spread of the disease and recommended treatment for mild cases.  
  • Your care team will answer any questions you may have or address any of your concerns. 

By making connections through GetWell Loop, we can work together throughout your care journey.