About Me

I began working at the Department of Family and Community Medicine in 2008 as an assistant professor in the residency program. I have held the titles of both assistant and associate program director and now have the privilege of being the program director. My residency team and I foster a learning environment known for its compassionate and approachable faculty and staff. My greatest joy in the department is watching a group of 10 new interns develop into fully independent practicing physicians by the time they graduate. 

In our family medicine clinic I care for a large panel of patients from birth to centenarian. Although I enjoy caring for all ages my focus is on women’s health and obstetrics, including gynecological in-office procedures. I practice low-risk obstetrics, postpartum and newborn care at the Baptist Hospital Birthing Center. I care for underserved women at Stokes County Health Department and helped found our Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), now United Health Centers in Winston Salem. A passion of mine is nutrition, particularly helping children and adolescents understand the impact of diet on their health and future selves. I regularly coordinate and assist groups of medical student volunteers in Cooking Matters, a nutrition and culinary program involving pregnant underserved women and their children. My current research is primarily focused on nutrition and underrepresented communities.  

In my spare time, I am happiest in my garden where I grow a variety of fruits and vegetables year round. I am married to Davis Vu, also a family physician, and have three children – Aidan, Ella and Anna. We very much enjoy camping and traveling as a family.