About Me

I have been with Wake Forest Baptist since 2013 when I started as a registered nurse in the Burn Intensive Care Unit and then moved to Brenner Children’s Hospital in 2014 as a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit nurse. Following graduate and post-graduate studies, I am fortunate to remain at Brenner Children’s and be part of the Pediatric Hospital Medicine service. My clinical practice specializes in the acute care management of hospitalized infants, children, and adolescents. What is unique about me is that I hold board certifications in pediatric acute care and primary care. This training and certification equip me to provide the highest levels of comprehensive, safe, and quality care in the hospital and oversee a thorough and efficient transition of care back to the child’s primary care pediatrician.

I have various clinical interests, including Kawasaki’s Disease, pediatric shock states including sepsis, pediatric advanced life support, bronchiolitis, and transitioning the hospitalized, medically complex child back to primary care. In addition, working at an institution like Brenner Children’s allows me to become further vested in pursuing best practices for quality and safety in pediatric healthcare and utilizing the latest evidence to transform the care of the pediatric patient at the bedside.