About Me

As the Program Director for FaithHealth Ministries, a hospital chaplain, and a Physician Assistant with the Palliative Care Program, my practice and passion reside in the intersection of spirituality and medicine. Nowhere is this exploration more important than during conversations about serious illness and end-of-life. 

The life stories of our patients provide us rich understandings of our existence beyond the biological. My work centers on the exploration of these narratives, allowing patients to apply their stories and reflected values into statements about their desired medical treatment. These spaces of listening to other’s stories are sacred space.

Additionally, I am privileged to spend much of my time providing medical education for medical students, physician assistant students, other medical professionals, and the public. Together we explore the ethical, practical, and spiritual lenses coming into focus in the health care space. Again, these are sacred spaces, and I am privileged to be present.