Transporting Patients

AirCare is part of an EMS network serving patients in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and South Carolina. The service includes three aircraft and five mobile ambulances stationed in strategic locations to provide fast, safe transportation for critically ill and injured patients.

  • AirCare 1, a twin-engine Airbus EC135 helicopter, is based at the Davidson County Airport in Davidson County NC.
  • AirCare 2, a twin-engine Airbus EC135 helicopter, is based at the Wilkes County Airport in North Wilkesboro NC.
  • AirCare 3, a twin-engine Airbus EC135 helicopter, is based at the Blue Ridge Airport in Henry County VA.
  • Critical Care Ambulances are based at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and affiliated hospitals.

Our aircraft are operated by Metro Aviation.

These vehicles are located to provide the fastest possible response to calls for critical care transportation. AirCare 1 primarily covers south and southwest of Winston-Salem, AirCare 2 covers northwest North Carolina and southwest Virginia, and AirCare 3 covers Henry County, Patrick County, Pittsylvania County, Rockingham County and Stokes County.

AirCare treats adult and pediatric patients with a variety of conditions, including trauma, cardiac, stroke and burns.

Wake Forest Baptist is the only Level 1 trauma center in the region and has one of only two burn centers in North Carolina. The Level 1 trauma center designation was first received in 1982 and has been renewed since then. The designation is awarded to hospitals that demonstrate the highest commitment to caring for critically injured patients.

AirCare responds to calls from First Responders and hospitals 24/7. The helicopter is in the air within minutes of receiving a call, and the crew is in direct radio contact with EMS personnel at the scene or the physician at the referring hospital.

The crew treats patients at the scene. Within 10 minutes, the aircraft usually is back in the air, and the crew is in direct contact with physicians in the emergency department at Wake Forest Baptist. Studies indicate that the mortality is lower when patients are transferred to a trauma center within 60 minutes of an accident.

The AirCare crew includes a pilot, flight nurse and paramedic. The nurse and paramedic are certified in several areas of emergency care and have undergone extensive training in advanced airway management, transport physiology, burn and trauma care, pediatrics and cardiology. The aircraft are equipped with sophisticated life support and patient care equipment.

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Neonatal/Pediatric Transport Team

The Brenner Children’s Hospital Critical Care Neonatal/Pediatric Team transports critically ill children through their 17th birthday to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, the Pediatric Emergency Department, and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Brenner Children’s Hospital.

The Team serves a 20-county region of northwest North Carolina and southern Virginia.

The Neonatal/Pediatric Team consists of registered nurses and respiratory therapists who are trained in the transport of newborns and specialize in the care of critically ill children.

Requests for Transport Service

Referring physicians can request the Neonatal/Pediatric Team by calling the Physician’s Access Line at 1-877-716-1999. The ambulance will be on the road within 20 minutes of the call, and helicopters will be airborne within 10 minutes.

AirCare - Who we are

Learn more about who AirCare is and how they help our patients. 

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Helipad Information

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, NC 27157
FAA Designation: 5NC7

Helipad Location

  • The Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center dual roof-top helipads are located on top of a parking deck on the west side of the hospital campus.
  • Latitude/Longitude:
    N 36° 05.377 W 80° 16.220
  • Elevation:
    835 feet
  • Ingress/Egress:
    Primary ingress/egress routes from the west and east

Helipad Information

  • Dimensions/Surface:
    104ft. X 62ft. Elevated helipads.
  • Perimeter Lights:
    Permanently activated.
  • Cautions:
    All incoming aircraft contact the transport communication center for availability.

Transmit Freq: 458.025 mHz
Receive Freq: 453.025 mHz
PL Tone: 88.5


  • Helipad weight limits: 12,000 lbs. each helipad
  • Maximum Capacity: Two helicopters
  • Restricted Use: Military Blackhawk and Huey helicopters
  • Automatic snow-melt system

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