The laboratory provides a full array of blood components for transfusion support and an extended menu of immunohematology tests.

The laboratory operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency services include remote dispensing of blood products in ED adult and ED Peds, 3 helicopters and ground EMS transportation.  

Services include the detection and identification of red cell autoantibodies and alloantibodies, evaluation of immune hemolytic anemias, ABO and Rh typing, diagnosis and management of transfusion reactions, compatibility testing and preparation of red blood cells, plasma, cryoprecipitate, platelets and granulocytes for transfusion support.

Special procedures are available, including cell washing, extended phenotyping, thawing, deglycerolization frozen rbc, component irradiation and HLA-matching or crossmatching of platelets. The medical staff provides consultations involving all aspects of blood transfusion support and immunohematologic problems.


  • Gel testing (Ortho Vision)
  • Cobe® 2991 cell processing

A man in a white labcoat stands while pointing at a monitor giving instructions to a woman in a white labcoat.

Identification System for Drawing Blood

The Blood Bank specimen identification system consists of an armband comprised of unique peel-off numbers. Immediately after the blood is drawn, the "patient I.D." band is placed on patient. A unique label from the armband is placed on the tube and requisition. The blood specimen, the request form and the remaining numbers are sent to the Blood Bank. All subsequently crossmatched units will be tagged with this unique number.

Source of Blood and Components:Blood and components are supplied to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center by the American Red Cross (ARC). Periodic blood drives are held at the medical center. Families that wish to donate for a specific patient should contact the ARC for a bloodmobile or location of the nearest center.

The Circular of Information may be obtained from the Blood Bank lab. This comprehensive booklet has been prepared jointly by the American Red Cross, the American Association of Blood Banks and America’s Blood Centers to provide information about blood and blood products, donor testing, dose and administration, transfusion complications and contraindications. Additional copies may be ordered by calling the Blood Bank Manager, Christina Warren, at 336-716-6408.

Autologous and Directed Donations:

  • Autologous and Directed units are collected by the American Red Cross (ARC).
  • The patient's physician must complete and sign a Special Collection Order form. The forms are available in clinics and physicians' offices.
  • The completed form must be faxed to the ARC.
  • Patients and donors are responsible for making their own appointment.
  • Allow 4-5 working days for processing at the ARC.
  • Patients should complete all autologous donations approximately one week prior to their scheduled surgery date.
  • If the surgery is cancelled or postponed, the physician's office should notify the ARC.

Wake One Provider Orders -Type and Screen or Type and Crossmatch 

These tests ordered are valid up to 3 days. Do not order another Type and Screen or Type and Crossmatch if one has already been ordered within 3 days.

To order blood products with a valid type and screen or type and crossmatch, just order prepare red blood cell unit and state the quantity.

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Delayed Crossmatch Blood specimen 

The Request for delayed Crossmatch is initiated by preadmission testing person and completed. A number of questions related to patients history of adverse reactions and incompatibilities are identified.  A type and screen is ordered and tested at this time.

If the patient has not been pregnant/transfused blood within 3 months and does not have history of antibodies and a negative antibody screen, the patient qualifies for delayed crossmatch.

The blood specimen drawn on patients will be extended up to and including 30 days. No other blood specimen is necessary for blood bank on day of surgery.

If the patient has been pregnant/transfused blood within 3 months, has a history of antibodies and/or a positive antibody screen, the patient does not qualify for delayed crossmatch. The patient will need another type and screen tested on day of surgery. If patient has antibodies, the blood bank will have at least 2 units of blood available antigen negative or whatever the order specifies.


Charges for Blood and Blood Products

  • Unit Processing Fee: Blood donations are voluntary and the ARC does not charge for the blood unit. However, a fee is charged for the cost of recruiting, collecting, testing and transporting the units to the hospital on a per-unit basis. The unit processing fee includes the charges from the ARC and the hospital's cost of mandatory testing required by regulatory agencies, storage and preparing the unit for transfusion.
  • Compatibility Fee: This fee covers all of the testing required to provide compatible products to the recipient including: recipient ABO-Rh, antibody screen and identification, if required and compatibility testing per unit.

Required Testing

  • Red cell products and white cell concentrates require a type and crossmatch order.
  • Plasma, platelets and cryoprecipitated AHF require an ABO group and Rh type order within the previous 12 months.

Laboratory Accreditation

  • FDA
  • Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies
  • College of American Pathologists