Clinical Laboratory Services

The clinical laboratory provides about 70-80 percent of the necessary information for physicians to make appropriate medical decisions, establish the diagnosis and adequately monitor patients.

The Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist (AHWFB Core Laboratories) clinical chemistry laboratories include modern analytical testing platforms, providing a complex and highly robust testing menu. It encompasses a variety of tests, from the most common (e.g., metabolic panel, electrolytes, etc.) to specialized (e.g., hormones, tumor markers, etc.) and to more sophisticated and esoteric chromatography, mass spectrometry and electrophoresis evaluations. The clinical chemistry laboratory offers laboratory services 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

The clinical chemistry laboratory provides testing on various types of specimens (serum, plasma, urine and body fluids). The turn-around time is optimized to provide appropriate and timely clinical support. Most routine tests are available within one hour, with more specialized tests available on the same day for optimum management of patients. In addition, during weekdays, clinical chemistry testing is also provided by the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Cancer Center clinical lab.

Additional urinalysis labs (Winston-Salem and Greensboro) with extensive POCT support clinicians’ efforts for patient care.

The clinical chemistry laboratory is constantly looking to extend its menu and improve its services. In this light, the clinical laboratory intends to provide on-site toxicology and pain management services soon.

The Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist laboratory also functions as a regional reference laboratory, supporting clinical services from clinics around the region in close relationships with High Point, Davie, Lexington, Clemmons and Wilkes laboratories.

Samples from outside the medical center, such as outreach sites and wellness programs, are also accepted. Call the lab at 336-716-2661 for arrangements and instructions.

For further details about testing, lab menu and laboratory features, please contact clinical chemistry lab manager Erica Van Dyke via email or phone at 336-716-4593. You can also contact the medical director of the clinical chemistry laboratory, Dr. Alina G. Sofronescu via email or phone at 336-716-2639.

Education and Research

The clinical chemistry laboratory is also engaged in the medical students' and residents' education, offering comprehensive exposure to clinical chemistry concepts, methodology and instrumentation during residency rotations. The clinical laboratory is also partnering with local colleges in providing clinical lab training for MLT and MT students.

Furthermore, the AHWFB clinical chemistry laboratory is constantly involved in clinical and basic scientific research, enthusiastically supporting scientific endeavors.

Laboratory Capabilities

Specialized tests offered:

  • Spectrophotometric and electrochemistry tests: electrolytes, glucose, calcium, anemia panel, ABGs, creatinine and cystatin (with eGFR calculation), albumin, etc.
  • Immunoassays, nephelometry and turbidimetry: various hormones and endocrinology panels, tumor markers, FLCs, autoantibodies and immunity panels, etc.
  • Serum, urine proteins electrophoresis and hemoglobinopathies evaluations via capillary electrophoresis
  • Chromatography: HbA1c
  • LC-MS/MS: immunosuppressant drugs, antifungal drugs, MMA; confirmatory toxicology services to be provided in the near future