The Clinical Hematology Laboratory includes hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, and flow cytometry. It operates 365 days a year; and except for flow cytometry and a rare coagulation test, tests are performed 24 hours a day.

Specialized areas of Hematology are the Bone Marrow Lab, Flow Cytometry, Coagulation Lab, and an Oncology Satellite Lab.

Women in lab doing research.Bone Marrow Laboratory

In the bone marrow section, technologists assist the physician or physician assistant performing the procedure. They prepare slides, crush preps, and touch preps at the bedside and count a 300-cell bone marrow differential to aid the pathologists in their interpretation.

Flow Cytometry

The flow cytometry section does immunophenotyping for HIV patients, transplant patients, and leukemia/lymphoma patients. Research projects include clinical development of new tests.

The studies performed in this laboratory use a laser flow cytometer to excite fluorescent molecules on the surface of cells stained with monoclonal antibodies. The amount of fluorescence emitted allows quantitation of the surface markers on the cells of interest.

Peripheral blood specimens for routine T- and B-Cell enumeration are accepted Monday through Friday, as the Lab is closed on the weekends. The specimen of choice is one EDTA (purple top) tube delivered to the lab within 2 hours of collection. Do not refrigerate.


The Coagulation Laboratory is a subsection of and is located within the Hematology Laboratory.

The coagulation section offers specialized procedures, such as platelet aggregation, specific factor assays, and inhibitor testing including lupus inhibitors.

Oncology Satellite Laboratory

Satellite lab in the Comprehensive Cancer Center provides CBCs, diff, retic, assists with bone marrow collection and basic chemistry for the patients in that building.

Blood is drawn in a phlebotomy area adjacent to the lab and clinics in order to provide a quick turnaround time prior to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, transfusions, pheresis, or routine check-ups. This lab is staffed Monday through Friday from 7a.m. to 5:30 p.m.