Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology Center is a partnership with the North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCATP) and is a demonstration center for assistive technology devices (AT).  Therapists, consumers/patients, and family members can come into the center and look at the devices, have them demonstrated, and try them out.  Many of the devices can be loaned out for short periods of time to try out in the environment of choice.

Assistive Technology or “AT” is any piece of equipment or device that a person with a disability uses to make every day living easier, to be more productive in the workplace or to be more independent.

Common Types of AT available in the Medical Plaza - Miller Assistive Technology Center:

  • Aids to daily living include a variety of things to make everyday activities easier.  They include devices from easy to use scissors to devices to hold a week’s supply of pills.
  • Environmental controls for lights, entertainment, electrical appliances, etc.
  • Telephone access can range from a remote control speaker phone, to telephones with built in amplifiers for people with hearing problems.
  • Recreation assistive technology can include equipment for golf, bowling, fishing, hunting, cycling, gardening, crocheting, sewing, playing cards and other games, photography, etc.
  • Augmentative communications devices are available to help provide people who have difficulty speaking and being understood.
  • Devices to help people with hearing problems include small portable amplifiers, devices for telephones, devices for radios, TVs, and stereos to allow one listener to use headphones, etc.
  • Vision aids ranging from simple hand-held magnifiers to a CCTV.
  • Computer hardware/software, which may be accessed in a variety of ways can be demonstrated and trialed.

Services provided by the Medical Plaza - Miller AT Center:

Hands-on demonstration of AT for computer use, activities of daily living, listening, communication, telecommunication, mobility, education, learning, leisure, play, alarm/emergency systems, and environmental control.

  • Short term AT loan to try out devices.
  • Technical assistance in selecting devices including showing the range of AT options.
  • Group training & awareness activities on AT.
  • Funding resource information & referral to other programs.
  • Presentations to groups on specifics AT topics.
  • Advocacy for individuals & their families on their rights to AT services.

AT Devices provided through the North Carolina Assistive Technology Program and Wake Forest Baptist Health:

  • Assess for Forsyth County and the Surrounding North Central Region of North Carolina