7 Tips to Jump-Start Your Metabolism in the Morning

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

If you didn’t eat breakfast at all, you’re not alone. Many people skip breakfast to avoid eating those “extra” calories, or because they’re too rushed in the mornings.

But people who don’t eat breakfast end up eating more throughout the rest of the day than people who do eat a morning meal. Those extra calories can make it hard to keep your weight management in check. A good breakfast can give you:

  • An energy boost. Breakfast gives your body the fuel it needs to make it to lunch time.
  • A jump-start for your metabolism. Think of breakfast as a fat-burning shot of espresso for your digestive system.
  • Better blood sugar management. This is important for managing and preventing diabetes.
  • Improved performance. Kids who eat breakfast behave better and score higher on tests than kids who don’t.

Ready to start enjoying the health and weight management benefits of breakfast? Follow these 7 tips to get the most from your morning meal.

Combine Three Food Groups

Fruit, whole grains and protein make a balanced meal. For example, have a boiled egg, a banana and a granola bar. Or, for a breakfast on the go, grab a handful of high-fiber dry cereal, a bag of grapes and low-fat string cheese.

Start Small

If you aren’t used to eating breakfast, start with just one healthful food item and work your way up to a full balanced meal.

Avoid Processed Breakfast Foods

Low-fiber, high-sugar breakfast foods like toaster pastries have no nutritional value. A good rule of thumb is that if something has less than 2 grams of fiber per serving, it won’t satisfy you. Fiber helps you feel full longer.

Check Labels

Packaging might advertise “whole grain” or have “fruit” in the name, but that doesn’t mean it’s a healthful food. True whole grain foods will have that listed as the primary ingredient.

Stay Away From Syrups

If “syrup” is listed as one of the ingredients, it’s loaded with added sugar.

Don’t Limit Yourself

If traditional breakfast foods don’t whet your appetite, try lean turkey on whole grain bread with a piece of fruit.

Don’t Drink Your Breakfast

Smoothies or other breakfast drinks are digested more quickly and won’t make you feel as satisfied as actual food. If you make a smoothie, use light yogurt, frozen berries with no added sugar, and a small amount of no-sugar-added juice.

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