Eating and Exercising for Your Best Health

Dump the Diet Mentality

When it comes to your ideal weight, calories are little pieces of the big picture. The best way to approach losing weight isn't just about diet. It's about your overall nutrition and fitness habits. And yes, that includes exercise.

If you are overweight, you know it's affecting your health. Here are some health tips to take control of your weight and move toward a healthier life:

If You Are Seriously Overweight, Get Serious

The Wake Forest Baptist Health weight management team specializes in helping people achieve healthy weight.

See Your Doctor and Start Exercising Today

Do not delay. Every day that you do not exercise is a day you put off improving your health.

Get to Know Good Food

Get good nutritional information and advice from experts - and follow it.

Show Yourself Some Love

You did not put on the pounds overnight, so do not expect instant results from a new diet or exercise program. Tracking your progress in a food journal or keeping an activity log helps many people stay motivated to meet their fitness goals.

Give Yourself a Gold Star for Starting

You took the first step toward fitness by reading this. You are on your way - now keep going. You are on the right track.