Jahvaree Ritzie - Sport Medicine Patient

November 18, 2020

After leaving another orthopaedic clinic and feeling completely disheartened that her son Jahvaree Ritzie, Glenn High School athlete, may never fully get back to playing sports, Kindra Ritzie-WorthyOrthopaedics patient Jahvaree with family decided to seek out the orthopaedic and sports medicine experts at Wake Forest Baptist Health.

“The first place I went to get an opinion about Jahvaree’s injury told me it may take over a year for him to heal and they weren’t even sure they could treat him,” said Kindra. “I needed reassurance that Jahvaree was going to be okay and they weren’t giving me that.”

“My pastor recommended I take Jahvaree to see Dr. Steve Lucey at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Greensboro,” said Kindra.

“The decision to get a second opinion gave Jahvaree and I the reassurance we were looking for. Dr. Lucey took his time talking everything over with us. He explained his recommendation and why he felt it was the best option. I could hear the concern in his voice and the confidence he had that this was the best treatment option,” said Kindra.

“Jahvaree had a bone fragment floating around in his knee,” said Dr. Steve Lucey, orthopaedic surgeon. “Imagine a brick pathway and there is brick out of place. You’d need to find that brick and put it back in place. This is similar to the ostechondral repair Jahvaree needed. Using minimally invasive surgery, we had to find the bone fragment and put it back in place with a disposable screw.”

“After surgery and completing my physical therapy, I was back to sports in three months,” said Jahvaree.

“Typically, patients need six months to recover from an injury like Jahvaree’s,” said Dr. Lucey. “Jahvaree was always ready to get back to sports and that desire combined with his hard work and positive attitude during physical therapy got him back in the game quicker. Orthopaedic surgeons can do the best possible surgery and physical therapists can give the best therapy options but it really takes the patient being compliant and working hard to achieve optimal results.”

“Having a major injury and knowing I’d have to miss out on the sports I love was really stressful,” said Jahvaree. “I’m thankful for everyone who played a part in taking care of me. They were always there to lift my spirits and make me laugh even when things were hard. I can’t say the words ‘thank you’ enough.”

“Jahvaree’s care team was truly a blessing from God,” said Kindra. “They saved my son’s emotional well-being and got him back to his peak. They even took care of me without knowing it by giving me the peace of mind I had been looking for. One of the most touching moments throughout this process was when I saw Dr. Lucey praying over my son before surgery.”

Dr. Lucey is honored to have had the privilege of providing orthopaedic care for Jahvaree and looks forward to seeing all that Jahvaree will accomplish.

“Jahvaree and Kindra were great to work with,” said Dr. Lucey. “They are some of the most appreciative and kind people I have ever met. I wish Jahvaree nothing but success in life and his future sports endeavors.”

Jahvaree recently signed a division one scholarship and will be playing football for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2021