Heart Transplant Patient - Keith Overcash

Keith Overcash loves his eight grandchildren, but without expert surgeons at Wake Forest Baptist Health and an organ donor, he would never have met his three youngest ones.

In 2014, as congestive heart failure pushed the bedridden Army veteran to within days of dying, he said what he thought might be his final goodbyes to his family and underwent surgery at Wake Forest Baptist. The procedure saved his life and allowed him to survive 11 months on the organ transplant waiting list until he could receive a second life-saving surgery—a heart and kidney transplant—at Wake Forest Baptist.

“Each minute of each day means more to me than it does for most people,” Keith says. “Life now is picking and choosing the things that bring you the most happiness.” 

Heart Transplant Patient Story - Keith Overcash

Army veteran Keith Overcash recounts his two life-saving surgeries that he trusted to specialists at Wake Forest Baptist Health.