Larry Barringer – Essential Tremor Patient

August 24, 2016

For more than 15 years, Larry Barringer has lived with essential tremor – a progressive neurological disorder that is characterized by involuntary shaking movement.

“I couldn’t write, I couldn’t eat properly,” said Larry. “It was very discouraging.”

He had tried different medications but they weren’t providing enough benefit and his quality of life was declining.

Dr. Mustafa Saad Siddiqui, movement disorders specialist, identified Larry as a candidate for deep brain stimulation – a procedure where electrodes are placed in specific areas of the brain.

The electrodes block the abnormal brain circuitry seen in patients with essential tremor.

Patient Story - Larry Barringer

Larry Barringer tells how the treatment he received for an essential tremor has given him his life back. He can now do the simple things in life again, like writing checks.

The surgery was a success and Larry’s condition greatly improved.

“I feel like he has his life back. And I have my Larry back,” said his wife, JoAnn.