How to Start Exercising

You're bored with your fitness program. You want to lose the love handles. You're too tired to exercise. You know you need to lose weight, but you're worried about losing it safely. Strength training doesn't interest you. Maybe your friends are training for a marathon, but your knees hurt so much you can't jog around the block. Or your neighbor who does Zumba is in such great shape, you're jealous. Or maybe you've just come to terms with the fact that you'll never be an Olympic athlete, but you want to enjoy life fully, as long as you can.

Good news: no matter what your fitness motivation, whatever your excuse, there's an exercise for that. You can find it, and your Best Health, with help from Wake Forest Baptist Health.

We Want You to Feel Good!

Before you start or return to an exercise program, you need to know your fitness level. Before you begin, talk to your doctor about your overall health and get some suggestions about the level of activity you need to improve your health. Eager to get started? Utilize BMI charts, target heart rates and other health calculators.

Screen to Prevent Injuries

Bone density and foot and ankle screenings can tell you whether you need to take preventative steps to avoid pain and injuries when you are exercising.

Exercise Does Not Have to Feel Like Exercise

If you think exercise is a chore and every fitness routine you have tried seems, well, pretty routine, maybe you need to change the way you look at working out.