Stopping Smoking: How to Stick With It

By planning ahead for the challenges of quitting, you will be more apt to stay away from nicotine. Here are some ideas to help you stick with your smoking cessation decision.

Toss the Trash

Get rid of anything related to smoking or chewing. Go through your home, car and office and throw out all smoking and tobacco supplies. If you have an ash tray that is too pretty to throw away, wash it thoroughly and turn it into a sugar-free candy dish.

Opt for Substitutes

Stock up on items that can substitute for tobacco. For example, you might satisfy your mouth with sugarless gum, mints, cinnamon sticks, hard candy, celery or carrot sticks. To keep your hands busy, try squeezing a ball, rubbing a lucky stone, twiddling with rubber bands or making crafts.

Spruce up Your Mouth

As a motivation to stay off nicotine, get your teeth cleaned. Chances are that you will not want to mar your new, sparkling smile.

Lean on Others

Rely on family and friends – or support groups – for moral support. You might even seek help from cell phone apps, text messages and alerts.

Jot it Down

By keeping a journal about your smoking cessation efforts, you may be able to identify feelings and situations that stimulate your tobacco cravings. Think about how you can avoid these.

Keep active. Distract yourself by engaging your body and mind in nonsmoking activities. Try walking outside while talking with a supportive friend.