These varicose vein treatments involve the use of heat to damage the abnormal vein and permanently seal it. This is accomplished by use of laser ablation or radiofrequency ablation. In both techniques, the device is introduced directly into the abnormal vein, typically the great saphenous vein. The device then heats and damages the wall of the vein causing permanent closure. This prevents the abnormal vein from creating a high venous pressure lower in the leg.

We are one of the few practices to offer both endovenous laser ablation and radio frequency (RF) ablation. Both are outpatient procedures which use only local anesthesia. A small catheter is placed in the vein through a tiny nick in the skin. This prevents post-operative scarring. The laser fiber is inserted through this catheter. The device is activated and then withdrawn through the vein and removed. The patient is then placed in a compression dressing and stocking.

The primary indication for this treatment is the presence of great saphenous vein insufficiency. This is a simple, safe procedure that minimizes the risks of post-operative scarring and infection. The procedure is painless and allows rapid recovery and return to normal activity.

We have extensive experience with both laser ablation and radio frequency ablation for treatment of a wide range of superficial venous abnormalities. However, we also offer other minimally invasive procedures and non-invasive therapy. Total vein care is our goal. After a thorough evaluation, treatment is tailored to your specific needs.