It's easy to stray off track when you set out to lose weight on your own. If you have struggled to make healthier choices and maintain them day to day, our By Design Essentials program can help you find the right dietary approach, become more active and achieve your weight loss goals. This weight loss program gives you all the tools you need for success and includes group support sessions to keep you motivated.

What is By Design Essentials?

By Design Essentials is a behavioral weight loss program personalized for your body type, physical ability and weight loss goals. During your comprehensive evaluation at the Weight Management Center, we will tailor your dietary plan based on lifestyle and metabolic assessments. You will also meet with one of our on-staff exercise physiologists to build a six-month exercise plan designed to improve your fitness and promote long-term weight loss.

By Design Essentials weight loss program includes:

  • 24 weeks of group support and education sessions
  • Options for personal training and fitness testing
  • Medical monitoring and clinic visits every 2-6 weeks to adjust your weight loss program
  • Long-term support for weight loss beyond the 24 weeks in the program

Is By Design Essentials Right For Me?

By Design Essentials is a weight loss program designed for people who want to be healthier and lose weight, but who generally need to drop less than 50 pounds.

This weight loss program offers guidance, accountability and support to help participants reach their goals. Unlike OPTIFAST®, By Design Essentials is designed for weight loss of about 1-2 pounds per week using a variety of dietary approaches that require you to make healthy food choices from the beginning. It works best for motivated and self-directed people interested in a more flexible approach to losing weight.