Cataract surgery is a procedure to remove a clouded lens (cataract) from your eye in order to help you see better.

Cataract surgery is the most frequently performed surgery in the United States. And it’s the most successful. More than 95 percent of surgeries have no complications, and all result in improved vision.

At the Wake Forest Baptist Health Eye Center, we use the latest ultrasonic surgical equipment to delicately remove the cloudy lens. It requires only the tiniest incision. Then we insert 1 of 3 types of artificial, or intraocular, lenses (IOLs):

  • Monofocal lens — A standard lens that improves distance vision. Patients may still need glasses to read or see closely.
  • Toric lens — For patients with astigmatism. Sharpens distance vision, but patients may still need reading glasses.
  • Multifocal lens — Like having a bifocal lens inside the eye: Part of the eye is for near vision, part is for distance vision.

Our cataract surgery specialists will help you choose the best lens for you.

The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes. Patients typically have little to no pain. You can go home soon after surgery and can return to normal activities the next day.