To improve the appearance of moderate or severe fat below the chin (also called a “double chin”), Wake Forest Baptist Health's plastic surgeons can use an FDA-approved injectable treatment called Kybella®. Kybella causes the destruction of fat cells, and once they’re destroyed, those cells can’t store or accumulate fat.

Wake Forest Baptist Health's plastic surgeons are specially trained in Kybella. They can work with patients who are unhappy with the fullness under their chin to determine if the treatment is right for them. 

Kybella: What to Expect 

A surgeon will inject Kybella under the skin, directly into the area beneath the chin. Patients can be treated with a topical numbing medicine or a local aesthetic to make the injections more comfortable.

Kybella is usually given as a series of treatments. Our plastic surgeons will customize the treatment regimen, depending on the patient’s goals. Most patients require at least two to four treatments, and severe cases can require up to six sessions. Treatments are generally spaced about one month apart.

Patients may experience moderate swelling for about 10 days, and mild numbness for three to four weeks.