What is Microneedling - SkinPen 

As we age, our bodies start to produce less and less collagen, which is what helps our skin keep its youthful appearance. Microneedling is a procedure that stimulates the body to create more collagen. A device with small needles is used to make micro-injuries in the skin, therefore stimulating the skin to repair itself. During this very complex repair process, new collagen is made. In the weeks to months following a treatment, the skin will look smoother, complexion will improve, signs of aging will diminish, acne scars will fade, fine lines will soften, and the skin will brighten. This makes microneedling an effective treatment to use on almost all skin types of people who have aging concerns or who want a smoother texture. It is also ideal for improving the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, pores, and fine lines and wrinkles.

The microneedling procedure can be augmented with the application of PRP, or platelet rich plasma. Our plasma contains growth factors, which work to increase the amount of collagen produced, and therefore yielding an even more effective treatment.

What Can I Expect After Treatment

There is very little downtime after a microneedling procedure. A patient can expect 24-48 hours of looking pink, like a sunburn. After this, the redness will fade and some minimal peeling or flaking may be experienced. A specific protocol for skin care will be suggested afterwards, which will include sunscreen and moisturizer, and possibly topical vitamin C and retinol. The skin will absorb your skin care products more efficiently after microneedling, so it is import to be on a good skin care routine and use the best products for your skin type.

How Many Treatments Are Needed

Most people will need at least three treatments to see significant changes in the skin. Those with moderate to severe scarring or hyperpigmentation will likely need four to six. All treatments are spaced four weeks apart.  

What Device Is Used

Cosmetic Dermatology uses the SkinPen device. It is the gold standard in safe microneedling and is the only one that is currently FDA approved in its class.  

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