Cancer Survivorship Programs

Cancer Survivorship Programs at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center are designed to facilitate a relationship between health care providers and patients during their transition to survivorship.

On-Site Resources

Pathways to Survivorship

This meeting is the first Wednesday of every month from 1 to 2 pm at the 3rd floor Hospitality Room. The diagnosis and treatment of cancer can be a shock to patients and caregivers. This class is designed to provide information to help patients navigate through this complex medical system, manage health information, and communicate effectively with staff. All patients and caregivers will be provided a Free Lunch, as well as a Free Livestrong Guidebook designed to help patients throughout all stages of survivorship. The information provided will help patients and caregivers be active participants in their treatment planning. Call Aimee Tolbert at 336-716-1693 for questions/register.

Seasons of Survival – Moving Beyond Treatment

This is scheduled quarterly. A four-week workshop that helps cancer survivors & family understand and navigate both active treatment and post-treatment life where a “new normal” is often established. Free Lunch and planning materials provided. Call Aimee Tolbert at 336-716-1693 for questions/register.

Coffee & Conversation for Caregivers

Join us every Thursday from 1:30-3 pm in the 6th floor Family Serenity Room in the Comprehensive Cancer Center. This time provides caregivers an opportunity to connect with others who are caring for a loved one with cancer. Caregivers can share their stories and provide support to one another, as well as gain skills, tools, and knowledge that may help you to take better care of yourself during this difficult time. Refreshments and snacks will be provided, as well as a weekly drawing for a $25 gas card.

Other Supportive Services On-Site

Genetic Counseling

Conducts risk assessment for hereditary cancer syndromes and guides individuals and families through their genetic testing options and results. Contact genetic counselor, Anna Villa, at 336- 713-6978 for more information.

Nutrition Counseling & Education

Wendy Watson, RD, LDN is located on the 3rd floor of the Comprehensive Cancer Center. Wendy is available to help manage treatment related nutrition side effects such as weight loss, nausea, sore or dry mouth, constipation or diarrhea, taste changes and difficulty swallowing. Feel free to call before symptoms become a problem as they can often be minimized with some dietary changes. Please call for an appointment or ask your doctor for a referral. Contact information: 336-713-6919 or email:

Supportive Care Outpatient Oncology clinic

Dr. Jennifer Gabbard and Kelsey Smith, NP located on the 3rd floor of the Comprehensive Cancer Center can help assist in managing any uncontrolled symptom you may have in general or related to side effects: such as pain, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, anxiety, depression, neuropathy (nerve pain), etc. which can interfere with everyday functioning. They can also address emotional issues, such as the stress of having a serious illness and loss of identity. The goal of the clinic is to provide a safe haven for patients and their families and to improve overall quality of life and function. Call 336-716-JOIN (5646) for general information or to set up an appointment. The Supportive Care team is also available if you are admitted to the hospital.

FaithHealth Ministries

Chaplains are available for individual consultation, prayer and the planning of advance directives. Additionally, Chaplains can provide Bibles and other sacred texts and religious sacraments. Sunday worship services are held in the Davis Memorial Chapel at 12:30 p.m. and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon. The Davis Chapel is located adjacent to Watlington Hall on Hawthorne Road. Contact information: 336-716-4745.

Conversations of Love (Advance Directive Education)

In an informal setting, one of our chaplains can lead discussions about how our individual values shape our goals for medical care during times of illness and how advance care planning can assist in insuring that these goals are honored during moments of serious illness. Through proactive conversations with our loved ones, we can provide them with a gift of love through knowing our goals of care. To set up an appointment, contact Faith & Health Ministries at 336-716-4745.

Financial Counseling Department

Financial Assistance Counselors provide financial relief for patients/families who do not have the resources to pay for their health care services. They will help establish payment plans and pursue financial assistance from Medicaid and/or State Agency programs. Contact Cinda Koonz at 336-716-6794.

Financial Assistance

Limited financial assistance is available for patients through the American Cancer Society (, several independent organizations (e.g., Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition, Chronic Disease Fund), and through the Cancer Patient Support Program here at Wake Forest Baptist health.

Patient Advocate

Ada White, with Cancer Services, Inc., assists patients and families in addressing the financial and social challenges that people with cancer often encounter. 336-713-6984 or Cancer Services, Inc. 336-760-9983 or Toll Free in NC 1-800-228-7421.

Physical (PT) and Occupational (OT) Therapy

PT rehabilitates gross motor skills, and OT improves specific movements and tasks. A physical or occupational therapist can also assist with lymphedema management, which helps reduce enlargement, fullness and achiness following breast cancer surgery. For an outpatient appointment, please call 336-716-8400.


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department is now offering a new service designed to help cancer patients achieve optimal quality of life. If you have experience any of the following problems consider utilizing the cancer rehabilitation services: difficulty walking, memory problems, fatigue, pain, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, weakness, stiffness, speech/swallowing problems, and difficulty taking care of your personal care needs. Call 336-716-1585 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Adrienne Hill.

Social Work Services

Sally Benfield is located on the 3rd floor of the Comprehensive Cancer Center. Sally can assist with finding financial resources, coping with illness, caregiver stress, working with the medical team to set up and coordinate home care, ordering medical equipment, as well as general information and referral. You can reach Sally by phone at 336-713-5419, by email at

Hispanic Navigator (Se habla Español)

Maria Combs is the Hispanic Patient Navigator for the Comprehensive Cancer Center. Maria provides assistance to patients, families and caregivers, in conjunction with the healthcare professionals, in understanding their diagnosis, treatment options, and the resources available, including educating patients about clinical research. You can contact Maria by phone at 336-716-5571 or by email

Navegadora/Orientadora de Pacientes Hispanos

María Alejandra Combs es la Navegadora de Pacientes Hispanos del Centro de Cáncer. María provee asistencia a pacientes, a sus familiares y cuidadores, en conjunto con los profesionales de salud, para ayudarles a entender sus diagnósticos, sus opciones de tratamiento y los recursos disponibles. Asimismo, educa pacientes acerca de investigaciones clínicas disponibles. Puede comunicarse con María por teléfono al 336-716-5571 ó por correo electrónico en

Breast Navigator

Carrie Galloway is the patient navigator for breast cancer patients and their families/caregivers. She offers emotional support during medical appointments and by phone, helps address patient/family questions and concerns, and provides resources for needs such as transportation, financial struggles, coping difficulties, and self-care. You can reach Carrie at 336-713-3209 or

Oncology Nurse Navigator

Robin M. Petro, BSN, CCRN, OCN is the Precision Oncology Navigator. She facilitates genomic testing to identify targeted therapy options for patients with cancers that are not responding favorably to standard of care treatments. She also provides care coordination, psychosocial support to patients/families, side effect management, and aligning community resources with the needs of the patient and family. Robin can be contacted at 336-713-4788 or