Cancer Doesn't Wait - Neither Should You

What are clinical research studies?The rapid pace of discovery and the improved cancer treatments that we have helped pioneer as part of the NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers, have increased the number of cancer survivors in the U.S. and substantially improved the quality of patients’ lives.

We manage a robust clinical research program, conducting hundreds of clinical trials with the goal of finding better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Why You Should Enroll in a Research Study

  • Cancer patients enrolled in a clinical study receive an extra layer of medical care with frequent follow up and progress assessments
  • Patients participating in clinical trials may achieve better outcomes than those not enrolled in a study
  • Access to the latest treatments long before they may become widely available
  • As a result of you own experience or that of a loved one, you may want to shape the future of health care for yourself and others. 

What to Expect Before Joining a Study

Every aspect of a research study is carefully planned, and all of Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist studies follow federal guidelines for safety.

When you join a study, you receive contact information from the researcher leading the study. You'll also obtain detailed materials explaining how the study will be conducted and information about your involvement and care during the study. 

You will have an opportunity to ask questions about the study and you will be asked to sign a consent form for your participation. Before consenting to participate in the study, you should:

  • Discuss your desire to participate with a relative, friends, nurse or doctor.
  • Write questions down in advance and understand the answers you are given.
  • Review all of the material before signing the consent form. 

Why You Should Consider Enrolling

Our designation by the National Cancer Institute, 1 of only 51 in the U.S., ensures that the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist is on the forefront of cancer research and breakthrough medicine. We manage a robust clinical research program, conducting hundreds of clinical trials with the goal of finding better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Are Clinical Trials Safe?

Our number one priority is protecting our patients. Clinical studies are well planned. The intent and details are thoroughly documented and reviewed.

Our Institutional Review Board (IRB) protects patients by reviewing, approving and monitoring all clinical trials. They ensure that all studies, which are subject to FDA audits at any time, follow federal laws.  

Questions to Ask Before Joining a Study

If you are considering participating in a research study, feel free to ask any questions about the study, your care and possible risks and benefits. Questions may include:

  • What is the study and who is conducting it?
  • How might this study help me as a patient and others in the short and long term?
  • What will be done in the study and how long will it last?
  • Will I know if I am receiving an experimental drug or treatment or a placebo?
  • Can my condition get worse by being in the study?
  • What will be done to protect my health while I am in the study? 
  • Will this study replace my regular care?
  • How will my privacy be protected when I participate in the study?
  • If I want to stop the study, am I allowed to drop out?
  • Are there extra charges to participate in the study?
  • Does my insurance cover the cost of being in the study?