Application Fees

H-B1 Information

There are various fees charged in H-1B applications, most must be paid by the employer; please review the list below for details. All fees should be on separate checks. 

H-1B Petition Filing Fee - $460

This is the base petition fee, for the filing of the H-1B petition. This fee is paid by the employer. Use Form I-129.

Mail to: 

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 
California Service Center 
24000 Avila Road, Room 2312 
Laguna Nigel, CA 92677

Family Members - $370

This fee is for application for H-4 status for any number of family members (spouse and children under 21).

This fee may be paid by the employer or the worker.

Employer Anti-Fraud Fee - $500

This Government Fraud Protection/Detection Fee is a one-time fee. This fee is required for any worker seeking H-1B status with the Medical Center for the first time, even if they are already in the U.S. in H-1B status with another employer.

This fee is paid by the employer.

Premium Processing Fee - $1225 (Optional)

Premium Processing is the USCIS expedited processing for H-1B petitions. For an additional fee of $1225, USCIS guarantees that it will process and make a decision within 15 calendar days of filing.

This process only affects the last step of the H-1B process, and does not change the Department of Labor steps (which require about 60-90 days).

Contact the Office of International Services for details.