The Jackson Family

As a newborn, Annie Jackson was transported to the Brenner Children’s NICU from nearly an hour away via critical care transport. She needed emergency treatment for a common but life-threatening infection. Her mother, Mary Beth, learned how having the Brenner NICU “can mean life or death for families in the surrounding area.”

The Ligons Family

Gjerria and Selena Ligons deeply appreciate the care their daughter Selia received at the Brenner Children’s NICU. Born at 33 weeks with a hole in her heart, Selia has grown into a happy, healthy child, but her parents still remember the challenges they faced because the NICU lacked private rooms.

Amanda Cruise

Amanda Cruise gave birth under the most trying of circumstances: To save Amanda’s life, doctors were forced to deliver her daughter at only 26 weeks. Thanks to the Brenner Children’s NICU, mother and daughter survived, but Amanda shares how she had to say goodbye to tiny Quinn periodically because they lacked a private room. “We need a fresh new NICU,” Amanda says, “for all of these fresh new miracles.”

The Aycock Family

For 4½ months, through multiple surgeries, infections and a spinal tap, the Brenner Children’s NICU was Elias Aycock’s home. Although the medical professionals in the NICU “flat-out saved his life,” his grateful parents explain why a new NICU is needed now more than ever.

Crystal Bryant

When Crystal Bryant’s youngest daughter was born with a rare brain abnormality, the family turned to the Brenner Children’s NICU, where they stayed for 2½ months. Crystal recounts the care they received and describes the current NICU environment and how the new NICU will benefit future NICU babies and their families.

The Brooks Family

Vendell and Jamara’s son, Noah Jordan, was born five months early at 1 lb. 2.3 oz with a 5 percent chance to live. He spent 272 days in the Brenner Children's NICU. Today he is thriving. Listen to them recount their story

Thankful for Their Care

T.J. and Olivia Beroth share the story of the birth of their sons, Tyson and Hunter, and why they are thankful for the care they received at Brenner.

Supporting the Campaign

Tom and Marilyn Nicholson learned the value of an excellent NICU when their grandsons needed special care following their premature birth. They discuss how their experience led them to support the campaign at Brenner Children’s.