The Fresh Food Rx is a program that partners with Fair Share Farm, local farmers, HOPE of Winston-Salem, New Communion, Providence WS, and Second Harvest Food Bank to provide delivery of fresh produce to over 100 older adults each week, in addition to prepackaged tailored meals. Our program has a phone number and a coordinator, Sheena McNeill but we are not taking any new referrals (we are at capacity).

The Fresh Food Rx program was started in March 2020 in response to the impact that COVID-19 was having on food insecurity by Drs. Rachel Zimmer and Kimberly Montez. Initially, we relied on volunteers from the Section of Gerontology and community to provide home delivery of produce boxes and meals to older adults and families with food insecurity each week. In November, we received CAREs Act funding to continue delivery of produce and meals to 120 older adults who have food insecurity. We also help support a new farmers market that HOPE of WS opened in November 2020. 


  • Fair Share Farm, who procures local and regional produce from farmers. Fair Share puts the fresh produce in a box for our participants each week
  • Second Harvest Food Bank and Providence WS provides prepackaged meals for each participant
  • New Communion, a faith based mobile food pantry, delivers the produce boxes and meals on behalf of the program each week
  • HOPE of Winston-Salem who provides the refrigerator space for the meals and produce boxes and also provides the trucks for delivery to participants
  • Love Out Loud who helps provide a platform for volunteers to sign up and help and takes donations on behalf of the program from the community 


If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up to help with food delivery.