Alexia is an acquired disorder resulting in the inability to read or comprehend written language. This specific language disorder is usually the result of brain injury or stroke. Symptoms may range from a very mild reading deficit to a complete inability to comprehend written language. Patients with alexia have difficulty performing activities of daily living such as reading the newest best-selling novel, reading texts messages or letters from their loved ones, or even reading signs and following written directions.

Alexia Diagnosis and Treatment

At Wake Forest Baptist Health, our speech-language pathologists will meet with you, take your medical history, and perform a comprehensive language evaluation. The evaluation will include a formal assessment of your reading fluency and reading comprehension. You may be asked to read words, phrases, or short stories and answer questions about what you read.  

The information gathered during the evaluation will be used to establish a treatment plan that is right for you. Our speech-language pathologists work closely with each patient, customizing therapeutic tasks to help improve specific reading skills and functional communication.