The number of cancer survivors has tripled since the 1970s and now includes one of every 20 American adults. These survivors face ongoing physical and emotional issues and treatment that require long-term, follow-up care.

As part of our commitment to patients, families, caregivers and friends who share the cancer journey, Wake Forest Baptist Health has established the first Cancer Survivorship Clinic in the region.

From Day One

Survivorship begins at diagnosis, and it extends through treatment and beyond. Our clinic helps you transition to wellness by providing support services and evidence-based care. It includes:

  • A dedicated team that provides regular physical exams with a deep understanding of your recent medical history
  • Monitoring for early detection of new or returning cancers
  • Managing side effects related to cancer and treatment
  • Lifestyle coaching and tips to help reduce
    cancer risk
  • A support team with information about community resources, psychosocial care and integrative care
  • Access to research studies on quality of life and survivorship

We monitor medical needs and go beyond, offering support for a wide range of quality-of-life issues and concerns such as anxiety, depression, body image, relationships and returning to work.

What You Can Expect

Women in pink shirtsOnce you complete treatment, you have an orientation visit, where you meet with a provider from your treatment team to review your cancer-related concerns and discuss your personalized Survivorship Care Plan, which includes:

  • A summary of your treatment
  • Recommendations for follow-up care
  • Strategies to address your specific cancer-related health concerns
  • Information about relevant health issues tailored specifically to your needs

We also share the plan with your primary care provider and other specialists, allowing them to incorporate the information into your overall medical plan.

Throughout your survivorship journey, you will be introduced to new providers to help you on your journey from cancer to wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions