Age is more than a number. It is uniquely individual, taking into account experiences, lifestyle habits and environmental factors.

Diet and exercise can impact the aging process. In addition, medicine has made great strides in preventative screenings and tests that promote ideal aging and predict health span - how long you will live disease-free - and life expectancy. However, these tests are not part of a standard physical exam or executive physical and require time and visits to multiple medical specialists. What if you could do more to improve your health?

Wake Forest Baptist Health has opened a two-day, all-inclusive Healthy Aging and Brain Wellness Clinic that assesses your overall health to create a personalized plan for your future. The clinic focuses on you and how you can age optimally and with awareness of the trajectory of your aging process.

Our prevention-based approach uses the latest clinical and research practices - many of which have been discovered by leading aging researchers and clinicians at the J. Paul Sticht Center on Aging in Winston-Salem, NC - to evaluate personal markers of cognitive, functional, cardiometabolic and social function that directly impact aging. Your visit concludes with a review of your health findings, personal goal setting and a detailed care plan.

Regular counseling via phone and video conference calls following the assessment ensures continued access to care and strategies to best augment your long-term health.

Healthy Aging & Brain Wellness

Listen to how the Sticht Center for Healthy Aging and Alzheimer’s Prevention began and how we’ve made a difference in the lives of older adults. Providers explain what we offer and why they are concerned about the quality of life for patients and their families and how we are changing the perception of aging. 

What to Expect

While some of these tests are routine, others are selected specifically to assess changes related to older adults. Our team will collect samples for a comprehensive laboratory evaluation and the following evaluations:

Care Plan Development

The visit will conclude with a final meeting with our personalized care team. During this time we will conduct a detailed review of your diagnostic evaluation, explain all tests and findings and make recommendations that can be used to create a personalized preventative health care plan including personal goals, physical activity and dietary recommendations. Your are encouraged to ask questions about any aspect of the findings during this meeting. To continue to monitor progress toward your goals, there will be a phone or video conference call with our Physician Assistant at the one-month mark followed by another follow up phone or video conference call every three months for the remainder of the year. These consultations ensure that you have continued access to care and strategies that best augment their long-term health goals.

Additional Services

There are other examinations offered in addition to our standard Healthy Aging and Brain Wellness package. Extra evaluations include amyloid brain PET scan and a referral for genetic testing. These extra evaluations may require additional costs.

What We Do

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of memory related conditions such as mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease, Lewy body dementia, vascular dementia and frontotemporal dementia among others.

The initial evaluation takes about 3 hours and includes:

  • A comprehensive history (interview) of both the patient and someone who knows the patient well
  • A complete physical examination
  • Review of any previous records, labs, and scans
  • A thorough review of all medications (including over the counter medications)
  • 1 hour of cognitive testing
  • If necessary, blood work and a brain scan will be ordered

After all the information is gathered and reviewed, the team discusses the patient and arrives at a diagnosis and plan for further evaluation if needed or a treatment plan if no further information is needed. The doctors then discuss the plan with the patient and family. We will also send a letter to the patient's primary care physician describing our diagnosis and recommendations.

If you are concerned about changes in your memory or in the memory of someone you care for, we can help determine if those changes are just part of normal aging or something more serious.

Why Choose Wake Forest Baptist?

Our collaborative approach to clinical care and research is instrumental in changing the way people age. Wake Forest Baptist’s J. Paul Sticht Center on Aging and Rehabilitation is a state-of-the-art geriatric clinic and research center that combines focused attention on geriatric acute care, rehabilitation memory and cognition assessment under one roof. We are also one of only five sites nationwide to house both a Claude D. Pepper Older American Independence Center and an Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at the same institution. OAICs are established centers of excellence in geriatrics that increase scientific knowledge leading to better ways to maintain and restore independence in older adults.