Specialists from Orthopaedics - Lexington are dedicated to improving your quality of life through state-of-the-art treatment and compassionate care. We help you return to an active life by treating your sports-related injuries, workplace trauma or injuries caused by normal wear and tear.

At Orthopaedics - Lexington you will:

  • Achieve the best quality of life with the least risk
  • Experience a team approach to specialized and high quality orthopaedic care
  • Receive world-class rehabilitation

We provide innovative care, personalized for you. Our experienced doctors provide consistently good outcomes with high patient satisfaction scores. From joint replacement to rehabilitation, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your health needs.

Make the choice to live pain free. Turn to us for orthopaedic care that will get you back in action.

Sports Medicine

At Orthopaedics - Lexington, it doesn't matter if you're a Division I college athlete, a passionate recreational golfer or an aging weekend warrior. When you suffer an injury, we only see a person dedicated to his or her sport.

Our patients - active people of all ages and performance levels - benefit from the same advanced techniques and high standards of care. And they feel confident knowing that the region's most experienced team of sports medicine specialists is rooting for them to start playing again as soon as possible.

Our goal is to get you back to your game and keep you active. That's why we develop personalized treatment plans for every patient that focus on both rehabilitation and future injury prevention.

We understand that surgery doesn't always have to be your only option. We offer a range of non-operative treatments and, if surgery is necessary, our doctors are trained in the latest minimally-invasive techniques for faster recoveries.

We are proud to be the official health care providers for Lexington City High School. High school athletes receive treatment and injury prevention guidance through the Wake Forest Baptist Health Certified Athletic Trainer Program. 

Fracture Liaison Program 

The Fracture Liaison Services, part of Wake Forest Baptist's Orthopaedics, is a best practice, evidence-based program designed to improve patients’ outcomes and quality of care after low trauma fractures.

As part of our services, we: 

  • Respond to patients’ first fracture and help prevent others
  • Work with patients that are a higher risk for compromised bone quality or increased risk of fractures
  • Provide early intervention to improve quality of life and clinical outcomes
  • Partner with other health care providers to offer secondary fracture prevention and screening

Patients most commonly referred:

  • 50 years of age or older and have a low-trauma fracture
  • History of medical conditions affecting bone quality
  • History of fracture-contributing medical conditions

To make an appointment, please call 336-716-8092.