Family First Campaign for Mothers, Babies and Families

High Point Regional Health Foundation Capital Campaign

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Family First is a comprehensive philanthropic fundraising campaign to raise $10 million to transform family-centered care and help us modernize the Esther R. Culp Women’s Center to create the most contemporary birthing experience in the region.  High Point Medical center has a long tradition of providing the best care for mothers and babies in all situations.  

“Our history is full of mothers and fathers welcoming new lives into their families, we are proud of our role as an extended member of these families, and we start anew now with a plan to bring the latest in birthing center care to our community,” said James Hoekstra, MD, FACEP, president of High Point Medical Center.

The campaign will help create a spacious, nearly 40,000 square-foot setting for families that will offer a new generation of sophisticated technology and a bright and vibrant amenity-rich design.  

Additions and Enhancements 

Patient Rooms: Post-partum patient rooms will be reapportioned and redesigned to include 50% more space for an environment that is more comfortable for families and more efficient for physicians and nurses. 

The planned new NICU area will house four Level II bassinets. Two newborn stabilization bassinets will be available, and all will reflect today’s standards with babies staying in the postpartum rooms with mom. 

Procedural Rooms: Two operating rooms will be accessible for cesarean section procedures, and a dedicated, multipurpose procedural room will be added. 

Labor and Delivery:
The six labor and delivery rooms will be expanded and modernized with more space for clinical personnel and family members. To further increase capacity, three assessment/pre-labor rooms will be expanded with the potential to convert them to labor and delivery areas.